Practical Ways to Motivate Lab Staff

Join Clinical Lab Manager  as we present tips and solutions to keep your staff motivated

Clinical Lab Manager
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Photo portrait of Scott D. Hanton
Scott D. Hanton, PhD

Clinical laboratory professionals provide vital services that are the basis of many critical treatment decisions. Yet they perform this life-saving work behind the scenes, often lacking recognition from other health care professionals and the public, which can make staff motivation a challenge for clinical lab managers. Motivation can be accomplished by delivering to staff the things they need for engagement, limiting the behaviors around the lab that demotivate the staff, and hiring intrinsically motivated people, who tend to be self-motivated to do high quality work.

In this presentation, you'll learn the following:

  • How employee engagement drives staff motivation
  • Six easy steps to improve employee engagement
  • The importance of intrinsically motivated staff
  • How to avoid key demotivating behaviors
  • The importance of communicating the lab’s purpose to help motivation
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