An Inside View of Brain Tumors

Miriam Bergeret, MSc | May 4, 2021
A new blood test may soon allow clinicians to diagnose brain tumors without surgical biopsy

The Dawn of Precision Health for Women

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD | March 10, 2021
Historically, women were excluded from some clinical trials because of the exact things that we now want to understand

Innovations in Clinical Trial Design

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD | September 4, 2020
Matthew M. Laughon, MD, MPH is a professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill in the
department of pediatrics.

Ask the Expert: Cancer and the Microbiome

Laura M. Bolt, PhD | May 1, 2020
Clinical Lab Manager talks with Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, PharmD, PhD, about microbiome research and its applications in cancer research

Time to Transition to Clinical Lab 2.0

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD | February 25, 2020
Clinical Lab 2.0 is a movement that provokes the lab industry to view itself through a new value lens aligned with the forces driving the future of value-based health care

Trends in Clinical Genomics

Tanuja Koppal, PhD | September 12, 2018
George Miles, MD, PhD shares some details on his work in clinical genomics