Free Remote Pathology Solution for Health Care Institutions Affected by COVID-19

Inspirata gains strategic support in its initiative to allow pathology departments across the world to offer work-from-home opportunities for their pathologists during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis

TAMPA, FL — April 9, 2020 — Cancer informatics and digital pathology solution provider Inspirata announced earlier this week its free remote pathology initiative, available to health care institutions looking to provide flexibility to their staff during COVID-19. In an important boost to this campaign, Inspirata is now joined by two industry partners, Hamamatsu and KiKo, Knowledge in Knowledge out.

Inspirata’s comprehensive Dynamyx™ platform, currently being offered free of charge to healthcare institutions affected by COVID-19, will allow institutions in need of remote pathology to submit glass slides or upload scanned images that can then be seamlessly and securely shared with colleagues across the world.
Inspirata, Inc.

Hamamatsu will provide its high-quality research use only (RUO) whole slide image (WSI) scanner, NanoZoomer, to scan glass slides submitted by institutions for research and secondary consults. This device will not be used for any primary human diagnosis.

The founders of KiKo Knowledge Hub, a knowledge-sharing platform for pathologists and other physicians, will leverage their pathology practitioners’ expertise to ensure successful scanning and processing of all received pathology slides.

Inspirata will continue to offer its comprehensive pathology workflow solution, which enables the actual remote use and sharing of cases among pathologists.

"This is an important validation of our efforts to support the community. Our successful past digital pathology collaborations make Hamamatsu and KiKo optimal partners for this initiative," says Mark Lloyd, PhD, EVP and founder of Inspirata.

"We understand the need to allow as many pathology departments as possible to make flexible arrangements for their staff. We are proud to support this initiative by offering our RUO, WSI scanners, NanoZoomer," states Scott Blakely, business development manager of Hamamatsu.

Additionally, industry thought leader and KiKo founder, Dr. Jonhan Ho, joins the initiative adding, "Digital pathology gives us the flexibility to serve our patients from anywhere instead of being hamstrung by having to be where our slides are."

The new free remote pathology service is available through Inspirata’s dedicated COVID-19 preparedness page. Visit to learn more and request access.